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1.We are looking for suppliers of post-industrial and post-consumer PVB for our production process, mainly from the following sources of supply:

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: Laminated Glass Manufacturers/ Windshields waste generators (windshield spare market)

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: Laminated Glass Manufacturers/ Building safety glass waste generators.

PLASTICS AND RUBBER: PVB Film manufacturers.

GLASS AND GLASS RECYCLING: Laminated Glass recyclers.

DIVERSE INDUSTRIES: Water based PVB dispersions for coating and adhesive applications.

2.We are looking for industrial clients who use our recycled PVB for their processes, mainly in the following markets:

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: Auto parts manufacturing.

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: Paints And Varnishes, Thermo-Acoustic Insulators, Rugs And Carpets.

PLASTICS AND RUBBER: Window Frame Parts and Expansion joints, PVB Film Manufacturing, Wood-Plastic Composites.

GLASS INDUSTRY: Laminated Glass Manufacturing.

DEFENSE AND SECURITY: Bulletproof elements manufacturing.

ENERGY INDUSTRY: Solar Panel Manufacturing



3.We are looking for Collaborative Alliances, Public and Private investors and new financing models that promote the circular economy and that wish to replicate our business model under joint ventures or others set ups.

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