Pvb Flakes
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Our Recysol PVB flakes whether post-consumer or post-industrial origin both deliver all the widely known high performance of Polyvinyl Butyral such as:

  • Easy Blending into other polymer resins
  • Binding agent for textiles
  • Binding agent for diverse materials (organic, inorganic, metallic, magnetic)
  • Provides to enhanced processability
  • At low loads acts as an Impact modifier
  • At relative high loads acts a plasticizer which imparts toughness, flexibility and oil resistance.
  • Provides enhanced paintability and adhesion to other materials.

Post-Industrial PVB Flakes

Imported from U.S High quality industry, the cleanest PVB off-cuts and rolls allow us to offer High quality PVB flakes, suitable for your composite or resin blending formulation.

Ask us for the grain size you need.

Post-Consumer PVB Flakes

Our Free-glass PVB post- consumer flakes deliver to your process the same high performance features already known about this though and versatile polymer, but its remarkable achievement  consists in its humble origin as Laminated glass waste.

Recysol post-consumer recovery process turns laminated glass waste into high quality PVB flakes with the best features as:

  • 99,99% PVB
  • Glass-free material (less than 0,01%)
  • VOCs presence lower than 0,01%
  • Excellent Melt flow behavior
  • Positive impact in CO2 emissions.
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